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Machinery/Equipment for R&D
For our research and development (R&D) activities, we utilize advanced equipment from renowned companies such as Philips, HP, Hitachi Technology (Taiwan), and other industry leaders. These cutting-edge tools and technologies enable us to conduct thorough and precise experiments, tests, and analysis during the product development process. By leveraging the expertise of these top-tier equipment providers, we ensure that our R&D efforts are supported by state-of-the-art resources, resulting in innovative and high-quality solutions for our customers.
Patents & Copyrights

We prioritize the protection of our intellectual property rights. We understand the importance of safeguarding our proprietary molds and designs, especially those developed specifically for certain car models. Therefore, we promptly apply for patents and exclusive reports to secure our innovations.

In addition to securing patents, we are committed to combating infringement and counterfeit practices by unscrupulous merchants on both domestic and international e-commerce platforms. We dedicate our time and resources to actively pursuing and taking legal action against such violations. By doing so, we aim to protect ourselves and our customers from the detrimental effects of intellectual property infringement.

Our relentless efforts in patent protection and the fight against piracy not only safeguard our interests but also ensure the trust and confidence of our customers. We strive to maintain a fair and ethical business environment, where originality and authenticity are valued. With WITSON, you can be assured that our products are the result of our dedication to innovation and our commitment to protecting intellectual property rights.

Work Flow

1.Advise for researching and developing new products.

2.Lay a scheme and create a blueprint.

3.Design sample for evaluation.

4.Examine and test the prototype.

5.Conduct trial production, requisition, and approval.

6.R&D department provides information on quality control standards.

7.Prepare for trial run.

8.Obtain mass production approval.

9.Share relevant information with each department for mass production preparation.

10.Execute mass production to meet market demand.

At WITSON, we prioritize research and development to drive innovation and deliver high-quality products. Our experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment, patented solutions, and recognition from awards demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the industry.