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Vendor Quality Management

》Standardization  management to all materials suppliers, regular visits in the workshop  of materials
suppliers, Eliminate the suppliers who can not meet the  quality requirements timely, and regularly
developing new material  suppliers to add the most.

Incoming Quality Control

》100%  QC inspection on all incoming materials, return the materials which can  not meet the quality
requirements to the suppliers and make the  replacement work on time. Avoid the defective materials
as less as  possible flowing into the production process.

》 If  any defective materials found in the production process, all of them  will be Singled out on time
and make replacement work at the same time,  while doing the materials replacement recording work
accordingly to  trace the reason and avoid future failure. 

In-process Quality Control

》Compile  the production processes individually in advance for each different  model, and in particular
indicate the processes which need to pay more  attention in order to avoid any production mistake

》All  production processes and work position will be under special inspection  during the mass production
 in order to ensure smooth production process

》The establishment of a special semi-finished products quality control and inspection system

》SPC (statistical process control) Management 

Final & Outgoing Quality Control

》100% QC inspection to all finished goods; each machine will be carried on 4-6 hours burning test

》Specialized  packaging check to all accessories, registration to all goods in/out  the warehouse, the
establishment of warehouse management system

》Reliability tests, such as high temperature experiments, vibration test, etc.